The History and Effort of Kinoshita Manufactory

   Sadamu Kinoshita who had been an engineer in Kure Naval Arsenal founded our company for the manufacture of casting in August 15,1946. Things were insufficient because of Post-war, so he thought the manufacture of casting would be profitable. In addition, he wanted to help in post-war reconstruction.
   In 1963, he developed KS furnace, a special arc furnance, for manufactururing a spheroidal graphite cast iron, and he manufactured and sold the high-quality ductile iron. Furthermore, he sold 22 pieces of KS furnance to home and abroad. Those attempts laid the foundation of our company. At the time, we were the first company which manufactured the large sieve using the spheroidal graphite cast iron. Even now, the large sieve is our leading product.
   In recent years, we develop new products such as defect free cast,thin wall cast, and thick wall cast and melting technology such as refining, mangan removal, and metal recycling with refining technology of the furnace. By such efforts, We have tried to realize the corporate philosophy from its inception, which were social contributions by technology, sovereign independence, security and pride in the labor.


シーブ 走行車輪 一般鋳造品

Features of KS ductile

薄肉ダクタイル 厚肉ダクタイル 無欠陥ダクタイル

Technology Equipments

KS炉 溶湯精錬 Mn除去
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Patented Technology

Refining technology and device of ductile cast iron(KS furnace)
Foreign countries
Thinning technology of pheroidal graphite cast iron(Thinner)
Heat resistance improving technology of pheroidal graphite cast iron(Improving the heat resistance)
Refining technolog of cast iron(Refining technolog)
Impurity metal removal technology of cast iron(MN removal technology)
Foreign countries
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